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Chocolate Advent Calendar

Enjoy the countdown to Christmas with this delicious single origin, dark chocolate Advent Calendar. Start (or finish) each day with a piece of Dominican 70% single origin chocolate.

From Soul:


For our Advent Calendar, we wanted a chocolate that could stand on its own, but wasn't too dark. We wanted a chocolate that had enough sweetness, but wasn't like dipping your finger in the sugar bowl (we've been there). 

We source this cacao from Oko Caribe in Dominican Republic. With their cacao, we make a 70% chocolate that has a caramel and honey sweetness. It's loved by adults and children (and adults who may from time to time act like children). This chocolate is a treat to enjoy 24 days in a row. 

The lead up to Christmas is always full of great traditions - baking with mom, decorating the Christmas tree, and cracking into an Advent Calendar are a few that come to mind. So why not have an Advent Calendar that is both a treat to open and to eat!


  • This chocolate is made from cacao beans from Oko Caribe in Dominican Republic. We bought this cacao in partnership with Chocosol, directly from Oko Caribe. 
  • Insert is made from 80% plant-based materials. No BPA
  • Please store in a cool, dry place (not next to a fireplace!)
  • Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture
  • Vegan, soy free
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Mike Saunders
Advent Calendar is Great!

I purchased the chocolate Advent Calendar from Soul Chocolate in Toronto, at Bushel & Peck and it is excellent. The packaging is nice and the chocolate, which is vegan dark chocolate, is sublime. Thanks so much!