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Black Pepper Whisky Cherries

At Kvas Fine Beverage Co. we create bar-quality products that are as essential to making cocktails, as yeast is to making alcohol.

What is it? Our very first garnish release! We introduce Batch #2 of Kvas Black Pepper Whisky Cherries. Ripe Niagara cherries, steeped with Niagara rye whisky, hibiscus and black pepper. The best part about it? The cherries are multi-functional, with the syrup the cherries are steeped in being able to be used in cocktails! This is a seasonal product with a VERY LIMITED number of jars, so add when to your card before you see the "sold-out" sign! 

What's it taste like? Ripe dark cherries with a hint of sweetness and whisky, finishing with the spice of black pepper. 

Best friends to mix with? Manhattans, Old Fashioned's and any ice-cream sundae ever. 

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Best Whisky Cherries I've Had

Tis the season for Manhattans...and these Black Pepper Whisky Cherries are the perfect complement! Such a good flavour. I hope I get another jar in my stocking :)