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Cheese Dots

Pão de queijo comes from Minas Gerais, a place known for its mines and good food.

The land there is vast and holds many of Brazil’s dairy farms. In a time when wheat wasn’t popular, these farms used the native cassava root for everything, including bread.

When they mixed leftover cheese, excess milk, eggs and cassava (tapioca starch) pão de queijo was created, making use of ingredients farmers had immediately available at almost no cost.

With time, these became a popular snack and spread all throughout Brazil. Recipes changed a bit, but the essence remains the same still today: a delicious cheesy bread.  

Paz Bakery's Cheese Dots though are proudly made in Canada, using one of the  oldest Canadian cheeses, Oka

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Cheryl Schwartz

These tasty cheese dots are so amazing! You can’t just eat one!..I highly recommend them

Laura Fyfe
Tasty cheese clouds

Saw these in the shop and had to try them. They are honestly the easiest to make/prepare, and they are absolutely delicious. Like light, fluffy cheese clouds.

Marie Knight

Cheese Dots

Amy R

My toddler and I absolutely LOVE these Cheese Dots! Warm and chewy on the inside with a hint of crunch on the outside. So good that I often take a moment to enjoy one in the kitchen before bringing the rest to the table to share. (For a single Mom, that's on par with getting to drink your coffee while it's still hot or getting to sleep uninterrupted until the morning alarm rings. It's a little thing, but it's so appreciated.)

Stephanie Bilek

These are really delicious: easy to bake from frozen. Gluten free too if you have somebody in your family who struggles with gluten allergy! I buy 2 bags at a time, 1 is never enough