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Grüvi Non–Alcoholic Beer

Grüvi Non-Alcoholic IPA

Introducing Grüvi non alcoholic IPA, a lighter, yet hop forward take on your favorite IPA. Packed with Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops to capture the best flavours of an IPA. Each sip is perfectly balanced with hoppy, citrusy and slightly bitter notes. 

Gluten-reduced, with less than 10 ppm.

Best Enjoyed With: Summit views on the slopes, A road beer when stuck in rush hour traffic

Recommended Pairings: tacos, spicy foods, grilled burgers

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Wheat, Malt, Hops, Yeast


Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale

This beer is a true take on an English-Style pale ale, which are known for their balanced bitterness from barley and hops. Chinook, Cascade and Citra hops create slight citrus and piney qualities. This earthy and aromatic beer pours a light caramel color with a foamy head. Our pale ale is medium bodied, with a hoppy, bitter bite and slightly sweet endnotes.

Best Enjoyed With: nighttime campfires, evenings on the porch

Recommended Pairings: fish & chips, shepherds pie, mac N cheese

Ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast


Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Stout

Try our darkest beer yet- the Gruvi Stout! We start off our batch with abbey malt, traditionally known for its mild nuttiness and notes of honey. We then add roasted barley and chocolate malt, and brew our beer into a dry, full bodied, non-alcoholic stout. This dark ale contains hints of toasted malt, along with mild oat and coffee notes. If you enjoy a dry, Irish stout, this is the beer for you. 

 Best enjoyed with: Chilly winter nights, campfires

Recommended Pairings: anything BBQ, warm brownies

Ingredients: Water, Malt, Maltodextrin, Hops, Yeast


Grüvi Non-Alcoholic Sour Weisse

Grüvi's take on the classic Berliner Weisse is tart, citrusy wheat beer. A lighter style of sour, our weisse contains notes of lemon and grapefruit. 

Weisse beers date back to 16th century Germany, and this lesser known style was at one point the most popular beer in Berlin.

This Weisse represents what a nonalcoholic beer can be- a funky, sour, and refreshing drink. And with only 26 calories per serving, our weisse can be sipped all day long.

Suggested Uses: sweltering summer days, post-workout recovery

Recommended Pairings: soft pretzels, funky cheeses, salty dishes

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Oats, Wheat, Hops, Yeast

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