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Spring Non-Alc Beverages – 750mL

Spring is a non-alcoholic cellar inspired by natural winemakers.

Starting with wine and cider vinegar, tea, sap and tinctures, Spring captures the local harvest at its' peak.

Spring blends are meant to be a relaxed option for your table - a natural accompaniment to your seasonal dishes and the other bottles on your table.

Spring is not a non-alcoholic version of some alcoholic thing - it's just a farm product that didn't exist but probably should. 


Garden Supply

Garden Supply is a tulip vinegar soda with tinctures of holy basil and sweet fern. 

We took our 4 year old cider-vinegar-on-Riesling-skins and added fresh tulips to it. Then we added the two herbal tinctures. Our original goal was to make strange but seasonal sodas. Garden Supply definitely fits the bill.

What's it like? Holy basil lays down a rich, savoury base. And the sweet fern is  green and earthy - a personal favourite. The tulips add a spicy romaine quality.

Overall, Garden Supply is kind of like walking through a garden centre and munching on the plants as you walk through. Let us know what you think!

Bright Green

Bright Green is a vinegar soda with lovage.

Lovage is a beloved herb to those who know it — like a cult high octane celery. 

It grows so vigorously that people use the stalks as straws for Caesar’s. Here we let the lovage the macerate for 10 days in our 4 year old cider vinegar.

What's it like? Bright Green is potent, saline, tastes just like celery. It's a bit of a mind trip - like a green smoothie without the colour green. If you don’t love celery, you won't love this. But if you're into cult-y herbs and/or love Caesars, we see you and we made this for you.

Proof of Spring

Proof of Spring is maple sap with tinctures of birch bark, birch leaf and  willow bark. Drea (Spring's cellarist) grew up on a sugar bush and always wondered why no one ever bottled the sap on its own.

What's it like? Proof of Spring is the purest representation of a grove of maples, alongside birch and willow, just like they grow in nature. It drinks like iced tea with an orange rind garnish.

It's the perfect kiss of winter in the heat of the summer.

Willow bark contains Salicin, an anti-inflammatory compound similar to Aspirin. Those allergic to Aspirin, taking anti-coagulants or nursing should avoid this blend.

Car Full of Flowers

Car Full of Flowers is a kombucha-adjacent elderflower soda, made from cider vinegar aged for 4 years on Riesling skins. We blended it down with water and steeped dried elderflower in the mix for a few weeks. 

What's it like? Car Full of Flowers is the closest of our original releases to wine. It almost reminds us of Muscat Ottonel. However, the acid is high (kombucha levels). If it's too strong, just dilute with a little tonic or soda water.


Every Spring release is gluten free and vegan. Chill well before opening.

See photos for full nutrition facts and ingredient lists.

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